Band Ring Orthodox Sapphire

Band Ring Orthodox Sapphire stone crystal “save and keep me”

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Band Ring Orthodox Sapphire stone crystal “save and keep me” #a(211)

Band Ring Orthodox Sapphire stone All of the pieces in this collection depict scenes and images from a rich Christian history. Whether etched into metal and used as jewelry , these beautiful images represent the trials and tribulations of the Christian faith and our own struggles and triumphs as Christians.  Almost every aspect of these images is symbolic.

Welcome to my treasures ATLANTIS!!!

My product lines include both gold or silver plate and oxidized medals that probably are second to none in quality, weight, detail and price! ATLANTIS is very proud of the fact that, lines only have most of all the precise attention to detail on each piece. I can guarantee you this because I hand select only the best pieces to sell to you, my customer.
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Band Ring Orthodox Sapphire stone Sapphire ITEM DETAILS

solid sterling 925 silver ring
excellent finishing (antiqued and high polished)
sterling silver marked 925
Ring weight – 5.4 gr
Ring Size – 7-15
Winning a ring order your exact size.
we accept payments via PAYPAL
Shipping worldwide
This is real solid .925 Silver can be appraised and tested at any laboratory across the globe.
A fine gift for you and your friends!!!

Band Ring Orthodox Sapphire stone Translate: –

Спаси и сохрани, потому что он в вас есть. Bless and keep you, ‘cause it’s there.

Спаси и сохрани нас в час роковой наш! Save us in our hour of need!

Почему бы не написатьСпаси и сохраниWhy don’t you putStay safe

Матерь Божия, Пресвятая Богородица… Прости мя грешного, спаси и сохрани.

– O Mother of God, forgive this sinner, save and keep me.

Господи Боже, спаси и сохрани! In sight of the Lord, protect and keep us!

Спаси и сохрани нас и согрей в сердце Своем. Keep us safe and warm in your heart.

Господи спаси и сохрани моё сломанное тело. God save my little broken body.

Господи Иисус Христос, спаси и сохрани нас. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Спаси и сохрани его. May you hold him and keep him.

Господи! Спаси и сохрани! Lord, please save and protect us.

Господи, спаси и сохрани. People, what are you doing!

Царица небесная, спаси и сохрани! Holy Mother preserve us!

Господи, спаси и сохрани. Lord, save and protect.

Боже… спаси и сохрани! God, give me strenght!

Спаси и сохрани нас от врагов наших, смягчи гнев их и лиши успеха, вооружи нас верой и силой, сохрани нас ото всех бед и напастей, во славу твою даруй нам победу.

Save and deliver us, from the hands of your enemies, abate their pride, assuage their malice, confound their devices, that we, being armed with thy defence, shall be preserved from all perils, to glorify thee, giver of all victory

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Additional information

Ring Size

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Choose your jewelry size using our guide below 


Simple instructions to help you choose the ideal chain length for your personalized necklace.

Necklaces – How long should my chain be?

(1 inch = 2,54 cm)

Long story short: The chain you select will determine where on your body your name necklace sits, so think about the length that is right for you.

Our chains run from 14” to 32” (36 – 82 cm) long, which means your necklace can sit anywhere from high up on your collarbone to all the way on your lower chest.

Once you’ve decided where you would like the necklace to sit, take a long piece of string and loop it around your neck. Close the string at the point on your chest you would like your necklace to sit. Now open the string and measure it – how many inches long is it? That’s the length you should select for your new necklace.

Please keep in mind that the chain lengths mentioned on the website do not include the length of the pendant. Most of our pendants run between 0.75”-2” (2-5 cm), so the total length of your customized jewelry will be the length of your selected chain plus the length of your name pendant.

For example, if you order a name necklace with a 16” chain, the total length of the name necklace would be 16.75” – 18”, depending on the name and style.


Easily determine your ring size with this quick guide.

It takes five easy, quick steps to calculate your exact ring size. To measure, you’ll just need a strip of paper, a ruler, and a pen or pencil.

CUT a strip of paper about 8 inches long and about 0.5 inch wide.(1inch=2,54cm)

WRAP the paper strip around the widest part of the finger you would like your customized ring to sit on. The widest part of your finger may be at the joint. Don’t worry; your ring won’t actually sit here.

USING a pen or pencil, mark the point on the paper where the strip forms a complete circle and begins to overlap

TAKE your ruler and measure from the edge of your paper up to the line you just marked. Measure up to the nearest millimeter, rounding up if necessary.

USING the length you just calculated, consult our handy chart to find your ring size.



To determine your wrist size, you can follow the simple steps of either one of the two methods below.

Both measurement options will provide you with an accurate measurement of your wrist size.

Measure your wrist size with a flexible tape measure just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet.


You can wrap a plain thin strip of paper around your wrist just below the wrist bone. Mark with a pen or pencil where the paper overlaps on your wrist. Measure the strip of paper with a ruler.


On every product page you can find the width of the pendant and the available chain length.

Your wrist size minus the pendant width equals your preferred chain length.

Please note that the chain length does NOT include the size of the pendant.

For example: Your wrist size is 7.5″ and the pendant width is 1″.
Than your preferred Chain Length is 6.5″. (1inch=2,54cm)

Please choose the chain length size that is closest (1 size up) to your preferred chain length.

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